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About Avoka

Avoka Technologies was founded in 2002 to assist companies with successfully transforming their paper-based transactions into powerful online user experiences. They provide their clients and customers with an all-digital experience that allows them to interact and transact whenever, wherever, and however they want. As a result they are able to attract / retain more customers, reduce costs, improve data quality, and streamline business processes.


Mobile Forms and Mobile Data Collection

Until the introduction of the Apple iPad – Adobe’s PDF technologies provided one of the best technologies to migrate traditional paper forms to online transactions. The widespread adoption of the Apple iPad (interactive PDF forms are not supported on iPad devices – it’s also very difficult for consumers to download and print a PDF from an iPad) has been disruptive and is forcing organisations to seek alternative approaches. Learn More about Mobile Data Collection

  • Mobile and Desktop support:  Customers expect to be able to transact from any device and any time of day or night. Supporting a broad range of devices is critical to increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Learn More about Mobile Forms
  • Signatures: A variety of online signature capabilities are required to enable customers to “sign” application forms. More sophisticated transactions may require several participants to collaboratively sign several documents as part of the completion process.
  • Payments: Many digital transactions require payment processing to be incorporated into the transaction processing – supporting credit cards, direct transfer and online payment systems such as Paypal.
  • Save and Resume: If customers are completing a lengthy application form such as a mortgage application it’s very important to allow them to take their time to complete the application. Being able to save and resume is a key requirement.
  • Scalability and Performance: Large organizations require systems to be able to scale to handle very large transaction volumes. This is particularly true in Government where specific events such as a Tax filing date or a General Election can trigger very large transaction volumes.  The underlying systems must be both performant and be able to scale to handle these very large volumes.
  • Detailed Analytics:  Being able to determine where and why customers abandon online transactions is key to improving sales conversion rates and achieving the organisations goals of increasing sales.



English: The "Made for iPad" emblem ...

English: The “Made for iPad” emblem appearing on Apple-approved iPad accesories. Latina: Insigne Apple Inc., quod in Anglice dicit “Aedificatus ob iPad”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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