At , we are avid supporters of the more is better mantra, especially when it comes to accessories for your iPad mini. Our goal is to assist you in optioning we  your iPad mini affordably and effectively.

Check Out Some Of The Newest iPad Mini Accessories

iCamera Card Readers are an affordable solution to help you manage your media files between computers, iPads and cameras. Simply plug the camera card adapter into your iPad’s lightning port and then either insert a camera memory card into the adapter, or connect directly via a USB cable. There are three different Lightning Card Readers available, depending on your needs. From a simple SD Card Reader to the 5-in-1 Card Reader that handles almost any memory card you can throw at it. If you need an affordable way to transfer files between your devices and your iPad mini, there are several options available. Click Here to learn more

camera card reader

The iPad mini is the perfect size tablet: small enough to carry anywhere and big enough to use all the apps you need, without straining your eyes. Its‘tossable’ size allows you to just throw it in a bag or purse and take it with you which is even more reason why you need to protect that precious screen with a case or cover. We offer two options for this – our version of a ‘smart cover’ which attaches to the iPad mini magnetically and has a three-foldcover that doubles as a multi-angled viewing stand.


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